What we do.

3D visualisations can help you find the perfect layout for your new house or flat and show you which new pieces of furniture would best fit in or complement the precious pieces you already have and want to keep.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) can also help you advertise your products before any physical prototype has been made, to give you more time in the production phase.

I'm an interior designer and GCI artist happy to help you with any 3D project. From models of the tiniest components to big architectural projects. My obsession is to make CGIs as photorealistic as possible, filled with little details and accessories.

If you have any question or project request, drop me a line and I will be in touch with you in no time.

Ráda se s Vašimi projekty seznámím i česky.

Petra Mlejnková


+44 792 6157 908

+420 777 297 235